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I am Narelle

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I offer Holistic Counselling, Spiritual Healing, and Crystal Chakra Balancing

I have had a long-held belief in the Spiritual Realms and thought there had to be more to our lives than our physical reality.

Completing three university degrees gave me the opportunity to work with people in challenging or distressing situations but I felt there was a lot more involved when it came to fully understanding the person and their situation.

Studying Holistic Counselling has helped me put it all together. I believe we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and our healing can begin with getting to know our true selves. I am passionate about walking alongside you on your journey of self-realisation and healing.

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Professional Memberships

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Member of

Holistic Health Associates Int.


Practising Member of

Australian Spiritual Healers Association


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Bachelor of

Science (Psychology Major)

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Master of

Criminology and Criminal Justice

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Graduate Certificate in

Domestic and Family Violence

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Spiritual Healing (ASHA accredited)

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Holistic Counselling